Hello from Leia (again)

Hello from Leia (again)

I have been away too long and so many things have changed! I am still learning the ropes on this wonderful new site. The art is awesome and the manuvering is impressive! I am so proud for you, and thank you for posting to get me the address again. My computer crashed and I lost everything some time ago. that's rural life, though!

Leia....Southern United States in Alabama, mother of two, homeschooler, dairy farmer (check wrightdairy.com) and hearthholder. Adopted unto Jehovah the Father for many years and love learning His Word for me. My entire family are Christians and we center around our spiritual life.
I have had some time to look over this "new" web site and I have got to retun to this page to say again how proud I am. It is peaceful. I believe that I will introduce my children to it. If there are any teens....hopefully they can share and make friends. Well done Dean.
*waves* to you! I myself havent been on in a while due to a few things. My sister in law decided to go hang out with Jesus instead of us. She passed from Kidney Cancer in December. So between heaven gaining her, us gaining a pregnancy (in which I have been ill) and adopting a boy from vietnam I haven't had time for anything!

Glad you are here! I should be here more too :) Nice to meet you!