Hello from Montana

Hello from Montana

I'm new to the forum, so I guess I should say something about myself. My wife and I live and work in Montana. Originally from Houston, Texas, we have traveled quite a bit throughout the US, and have also lived in a number of places across the country. We feel most at home in the Rocky Mountain region.

I produce graphics, write copy and create and other content for the web and print, for the purpose of marketing, communication, and so on. I have a website at GospelGifs.com. My wife works in a small local bakery, making lots of good and fattening things.

Our Christian experience is varied. We met in a tiny country church, an old-line Pentecostal congregation. From that beginning, we have learned and grown in faith partly due to the fellowship and encouragement of Christians from just about the full spectrum of Christian faith. These days, we are not tied to any denomination, but in our beliefs, we are probably closer to Baptist than any other, including Pentecostal.

Paul's first letter to the Corinthians, where he describes the working of God's Holy Spirit and how each member functions as a part of the much larger body in a gathering of believers mens a lot to me. In that section of Scripture, many years ago, I first began to better understand the Body of Christ, the world-wide church. I could see how the various Christian groups around the country are also like that.

Our travels around the country had already shown us how different Christians can be in different areas. Even congregations of the same basic denomination or association can differ widely from other groups of the same basic convictions. And in any one local fellowship, the individual members can be very different in their gifts, callings and personalities, as Paul said.

Each denomination or confession is able to reach people that might not see the power of God as clearly in some other group. Each group of Christians may worship God in ways that differ widely from another group. Some sing and shout very loudly. Some are very quiet and reserved in their worship and prayer services. Yet I had already seen how the same God was very much at work in all these different people.

This understanding or view of the overall church and God uses our differences to accomplish His good work in the world is basic to my Christian to this very day. All who know and love the Lord Jesus are brothers and sisters. I believe that inwardly, we are much more alike than we are different.

We all know, for example, that we must strive for personal holiness in our daily walk. We all know how important it is to hate sin and the terrible things it accomplishes in a life, a family, a congregation, a community, a nation, and even the whole world. We all know that Jesus really is the one and only real answer to the problems facing the world. We know that the gospel is the power of God to change human lives. And we know that this world is not the final stage in any human life.

I thank God for the particular path He has had me walk in this world. I have not always been very wise, and I still make some amazingly stupid choices. Yet Christ remains. God is not made weak by our lack of faith, our foolish choices, our inability or unwillingness to understand His ways and His perfect will for our lives. Thankfully, it is people just like us that Jesus came to save. And we have the high joy and privilege to take that simple truth to all people, everywhere.


I can tell you're going to be a wonderful addition to the forum. I'm so glad you found us!

This is a wonderful group of Christians from whom I've learned so much.

Blessings, Cheri


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Welcome, you will just love it here. I know I do. We look forward to hearing from you.

Be blessed,
Thanks to everyone for the kind remarks and the warm welcome! Boanerges, Thanks for the 2 links. This one (... christianforumsite.com/ge...uncements.html) did not work. Can you try it again? Thanks.