Hello from New Zealand! :)

Greetings saints!

And blessings to each one of you,
I've come from Christchurch, New Zealand ( yes the earthquake captial of the world hehe ) i've been with the Lord since '91 and i has my own ministry ( well not mine, the Lord is the head ) its Called, " TeamJesus Ministries " our vision is to bring unity, and equip the saints world wide, with all Good things from the Lord, so with that, may the LORD bless you and KEEP you! AMEN?! Yea AMEN!
me to so awesome to be here, not many good christian forums around, i run one, but this has to be the best " friendly " one so far :)
Hi, welcome.
Um, hey can I ask you something? What picture is that in your signature? That doesn't look like an angel to me...
Welcome to the forums...I'm from Auckland :)...Lived there for about 5 years before moving over to Melbourne!! Hope your enjoying your stay here...

God Bless you and your ministry...