hello from Seranade

hello from Seranade

Hello everyone,
This was a good find on the internet! I am a member of the artist website by the same hosts as this one called Wet Canvas . Wasn't I happy to discover they had a christian forum.

I am 41, single mum who is a passionate artist! I live in Australia near the wonderful pacific ocean. My kids are so bubbly, being 7 and 3 and keep me alive, constantly giving me energy.... :rolleyes:,
My faith has been stretched many many times, but , I have leant to trust in HIM as this is the only way.
I am currently working as an artist , I do commission work in portraiture. It is my passion! as I believe God gave us all gifts to discover , and our role here is to learn how to use the talents He gave us, so we can be a blessing to others. I am still on this journey , excitted to discover the new things God has instore for me and my kids!

Looking forwards to meeting new friends and sharing in the Lord about many diverse interesting things!!!! :p and of course!!!! lets not forget the art!!!!!!
Love :cross:
Hi Seranade! We welcome you! I'm sure you will like it here .

Sounds like a interesting site where you are!

I'm from south africa and not long here ... since the end of July.

Welcome again!

Hello, Seranade!

I'm so glad you are here!

I love art too. I'm not a painter but I liked painting and drawing from my childhood.
Hope you'll like it here! It's such a lovely forum!

God bless you!
Hello Sky !!! Thanks for the welcome, It is lovely here, but you know something?? I have always wanted to visit your country, now that sounds interesting :D

Thankyou RAY, yes I am sure I will enjoy my time here..:)

Hello Gods-Child, painting and drawing from childhood! you must have some wonderful pictures to look back on, :smile_anim: thanks for the welcome...

Yes Jeff, I would love a cupa, now do you have some yummy chai green tea? hehe..... thankyou for the welcome :cool:
Actually I am an avid tea tottlier, and have about 8 different varieties to chose from each time I make a cuppa!!!! sometimes I stand infront of the cupboard for ages trying to decide which one thismorning :p

Thankyou Violet!!!!!! :D so glad you dropped by and met me too!!!
Welcome Seranade! It is nice to have you with us. And I have to say I think you have been blessed with a gift of Art. I went and checked out some of your work and I have to say, very nice! The portraits were great and I could feel myself in the landscapes. Thank you. God Bless!