Hello from Texas

Hello from Texas

Hello everyone...I am now writing my second introduction. I spent a good 15 mins and wrote three large paragraphs introducing myself and then proceded to click on spell check. Well, something happened and I lost everything I wrote. :mad:

So, I will give you the abridged version this time without spellcheck. ;)

I was looking for a forum to visit with fellow Christians to fellowship and just hang out with. I'm currently in the USAF as an instructor and have been in since 2001. I've enjoyed the military and will most likely make a career out of it. I've been married going on ten years this December--wow, how time flies huh. I have a 8 yr old daughter and another baby that will make his/her appearence in July.

I've recently made my way back to walking with the Lord and have found a wonderful church home. The people there are wonderful and I already feel like they are family. I have also felt a calling to work with youth...and have commited myself to working with our Jr. High schoolers. I really don't know what I'm doing...but I'm being obedient and see where this leads me. I've been to about 5 meetings now...and I really love the kids. Even with all their quirks. I guess this will give me good practice for when my daughter is in her teens.

Anyways...nice to meet you all.
Hello and welcome.
How annoying to lose your first post !
Never mind we are glad to have you.
Please ask if you need help navigating the site etc.
Welcome to the Christian Site. I was in the Air Force (latter 60's to early 70's) but only for two hitches. Then I got stupid and got out. BIG mistake, and one I regret to this day. It was the only time I ever liked my job; it was the people I worked under that I couldn't stand. I don't know why I thought civilian life would be any better.
Hey! I'm from Texas, too! I'm from West Texas. Between Lubbock and San Angelo, Midland and Sweetwater! Howdy!
I'm also an airforce brat! hee!
Good to have you here!