Hello I am new here..

Sitting here thinking the older I get the earlier I get up I like tho my husband is not playing is game on his pc in my ear I can meditate on Gods words. Don't know really what to say except hello happy Sunday our church homecoming is today 55 years going strong I have wonderful pastors they do lots for enter city kids out of their own pockets they are not 501?? but just have a tax Id don't know if we can use that for any donations to the church??? Lat week we had 14 I don't see with my fleshly eyes but with my spiritual eyes God blesses and their doors are still open.. Well just saying thread lol
Hello Psalmy,

I hope this site helps you find a little bit of what you are looking for by way of female friendship, as you mention in your profile.

God Bless you abundantly through this forum and elsewhere!
I am old fashion I got on this forum to talk with other believers because it seems like you can get my stimulating conversation then you can at church and my Husband is to interested in his games to talk he goes to church but that is the in stent of things he has been in church for a year or more and has no interest in picking Gods word up or praying so he is in Gods hands how ever I like talking about God and his word people at church its seems to be in out I just don't have some one close my mom is sick . I said female because I don't want to put my self into a questionable situation my husband has had and we have had many of conversation about woman and men talking on the computer and woman can get emotionally connected especially if there is something missing in her marriage. Yes I am saved and I love and do my best and stride to practice holiness and keeping with Gods word I know God would not approve if I talk to just men all the time and I dont want to make my husband question me like he has made me question him so staying with females I feel is safe as long as their goal is the Lord they can give spiritual advice we can talk about kids grand kids marriage ect without emotional attachment. If my mom had a normal mind not one who thinks people are out to kill her I would have a best friend as so in in the flesh