Hello, I'm a Canuck! :D

Are you...

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Hello, I'm a Canuck! :D

Hi everyone

I'm from Toronto, Canada, the most multicultural city in the world! ;)

I'm a staunch Catholic, but I'm quite left-winged politically, except for abortion, same-sex marriage, and justice issues. I believe that social programs and helping the weak and the poor hold a higher importance than gay marriage! Also, WAR is full birth abortion! I certainly prefer neither, but babies dying is much better than racial attacks against innocent people of all ages, which can destroy GENERATIONS. War never solves anything...I'm very political, and I must admit, I'd like to hear from fellow members about their stance on politics! Of course, in a friendly manner, since everyone is entitled to their opinion! ;)

Ciao for now!

P.S. Please visit my site! http://afterthought.cjb.cc thanks! :-D
Hi Canuck,

Welcome to CFS.

I agree with you, although i hate politics. If I were to be in the government, the world would be a safer place. ;)
btw, whats afterthought about?