Hello! New here from Indiana

I'm SO looking forward to meeting and growing together with you, my brothers and sisters in Jesus our Lord.

Christina (Michali)

Michali is my Hebrew nickname...just in case anyone was curious. I know I get curious as to where some of these names come from. :p
Hello! What a beautiful baby. My wife and I now have 5 grand kids. They are great and in fact we had one last night and most of the day today. That is why I am writting this from bed....tired out!!
Hi Jeffin, thanks for the welcome. I read that you are an evangelist in Australia? That's great! How are things there? I've heard that it is very difficult to witness there. God bless you in His work!

Hello Major, Thank you for the compliment on my baby girl. She is our 6th child. We have one daughter in Heaven, our second daughter. She was stillborn due to my getting Mono during the last part of my pregnancy. Our newest addition is such a wonderful blessing...as they all are, but I truly sense something unique about her. So, you have 5 grandchildren? I SO love children, but they definitely do tire one out. ;) How many children do you have?

Thanks for stopping by to say hi!
Hi Christina,

Welcome to CFS, I know you will enjoy the forums. I am a part of several christian forums and this one is the best moderated and has the friendliest people and great prayer warriors! Right now me and my wife just have 2 but maybe one day we will have 5-6 lol, don't tell me wife

Anyways, nice to meet ya. Look forward to reading your posts.

See ya around