Hello To All. I Am New Here And Would Like To Introduce Myself.....

I am Gideon, and a fellow believer. I love the Lord and was saved miraculously more than 40 years ago. I have gad an intense hunger for God these past four decades, and a desire to walk pleasing to Him, yet for most of the time, if truth be told, I lived a life straight out of Romans 7, and yes, I was a wretched man.

But five years ago, something happened....something miraculous. The truth that always seemed to elude me as to how to walk free from the "black dog" influence inside me was revealed to me through a divine visitation. It has now been five years and all I can say is....what God revealed to me that night works. My posts will almost always refer to this truth that I will share ad nauseum, LOL, so bear with me and I pray you have open ears and hearts that are hungering for the "free indeed" Jesus promises us. God is awakening His bride in these last days as we are all urged to light our lamps. What I will share is how.

I look forward to getting to know you and sharing the amazingly simple truth of how to walk as overcomers to the world, the flesh and the devil.