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Hello to all....

Jan 6, 2015
Hello frnds...
I m Mehwish Ejaz i m christian women serving GOD Almighty in a muslim land....
I love to make frnds with ppl of GOD specially who serve GOD like having ministries churches or ngo's etc etc....I would love if u ppl will reply or comment at this...thnx
God bless u all......

Pastor Gary

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Senior Moderator
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Oct 29, 2006
Several US locations - seasonally
Hello Mehwish, and welcome to CFS. There are many persons at CFS with varying degrees of technical abilities. We would appreciate it if postings would contain full words rather than texting abbreviations, because some persons who do not text, may not be able to follow texting style sentences very well. Thank you and we look forward to your participation here at CFS.
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Jan 6, 2015
thank you to all of you for replying me.and thanks to pastor Gary for such a good advise, definitely i will try not to use abbreviations next time ,sorry again,actually because of using internet and texting also became very famous these days i also became used to of this language of abbreviations.But i will try my best to avoid from it next time,if i do so by mnistake again i am sure you will point out pastor Gary;) , hehehe :)thanks again to all of you.I am sure i will have good time with all of you and will learn a lot form all of you.
i am happy to have friends like you people.
God bless you all.



I know this thread is over a year old but I would just like to add something.
You are being very brave following Jesus in a Muslim land; it must be very hard if Islam is the primary religion. It is clear that God has spoken to you and has shown you the path, the right path, the non-Muslim path.
I pray that you are strong in faith and that others will follow Jesus soon!