Hello To Everyone...

I am new in this forum. I have joined this Forum so that I could share my thoughts regarding virus removal or fixing threat. I found this forum quite interesting and hence I joined this forum. The site users are sharing good information; even I would like to share a bit from my knowledge. I am basically from New York, but I need to travel at several places for my business purpose and I also suffer from lots of virus problems in my Laptop. So I can possibly suggest some rescues to other users who suffer from same issues.
Welcome to the new peeps and I'm glad you could join us.

As for PC problems, sometimes you can reset your PC back to an earlier date if windows is still working. I recommend shutting down your internet connection, then turning your virus protection off before going back to an earlier date.

Also, CC Cleaner is a program that can be easily found and downloaded to clean up your PC from problems and extra junk that's slowing you down. Keep in mind that it may remove things you haven't used in a long while that you still want.

One thing I have learned is when making adjustments on your pc, only make one adjustment, remember where you made that adjustment, then use your pc for a while and see if it's to your liking. The thing is, if you make multiple adjustments, then it doesn't work to your liking, then it's hard to remember all the adjustments you made so you can go back and undo them.

As with all my post, take and filter it through your spirit, mind, and all that is you, and our Father, YHWH.
Welcome Liz and thanks Dumpster. But couldn't understand the purpose of sharing these points on this thread?

to be helpful of course ..

I think your thread is a great opener as well ..
I connote the worldly as a virus (per-say) to Faith ..
our Faith starts off "innocent as a child" .. we add many programs (new data) to the system, and the world (if we do not upload an anti-virus program) can infect and erode our innocence of Faith .. and lose our efficiency of operation ..

so what do you think are some of these protections we can upload ???