Hello We're Back

Hello everyone. Just a quick note to say we have returned from our holiday in our Scottish Highlands and we're excited to be back on CFS. We really needed a couple of weeks break from work, church work and our website but we had a great holiday with our two new babies and we feel refreshed. We have thoroughly enjoyed our fellowship here on CFS and it's been so encouraging experiencing God's hand here on this forum, so we look forward to more fellowship in the coming weeks...

Ps - Apologies if we left some threads or conversations hanging.....
Nov 21, 2009
New York
Thanks for the reply, I don't think we've spoken before? Looking forward to some fellowship in the future. I noticed you have your own Blog Page on Wordpress, we too have one attached to our website. If you'd like to swap backlinks to improve our SEO rankings just let me know.
Sure! Haven't blogged in a few months, but I will be starting back up.

Send me your link whenever :)