This is my first time in a forum and I don't quite know what I am doing yet! But I will figure it out. I have been a Christian all my life, I live in my grandfather's hunting cabin and I love living close to God and this beautiful earth He created for us. My friend was kind enough to allow me to use their cable Internet to visit with you, as I just got this new (used) laptop. I will be able to be here two or three times a week, as I don't have phone or cable at my cabin, 47 miles from here. Satellite is an expense I cannot justify. I rely on my radio for news.
I live alone with a cat, Alex, a 2-year-old grey tabby, and a 10-month-old boxer-pit mix dog, Molly. I do have power, though, ha ha, sometimes, backed up by a generator. I volunteer to help the needy both physically and spiritually, and I also am part of a prison ministry that brings the blessed Word of God to inmates.
I look forward to getting to know you all. Thank you for having me.
God bless you all,

Pastor Gary

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Welcome Star - very nice to have you join our family here at CFS.

I, too, am the product of a log cabin deep in a wilderness area. It makes a person truly appreciate the blessings that we have today and allows us to see God's wonders first hand each and every day.

Blessings to you and your animal friends.
So true, Pastor Gary. Just last night I could hear the sleet hitting the roof and against the windows, the whole cabin smelled of my chicken soup I had cooked, and Molly, Alex, and I were all snuggled up in a chair listening to the radio and I kept thanking God for these precious times.
Thank you for your welcome.
God bless,