Hello dear(hope to soon be) friends,

I am known as Ree and I come from Scotland. I have been a Christian for twenty odd years, but unfortunately for the last ten I left Jesus and through various problems I was brought back to Him about Xmas.

What a wasted and depressing ten years!!! My life now has meaning again and I have been blessed these few months.

I am really looking forward to having fellowship with Christians on this site and hope to be able to add as well as take blessings from here as I now have a real thirst for contact with others.

I am not very computer 'savvy' so I will probably look pretty boring as pictures and all the fancy slogans under your posts etc are way beyond my understanding.

Thanks Ree
Hi Ree,

Welcome to CFS, and more importantly welcome back to the family of God. So glad to know you have decided to return to Jesus.



great to have you here with us!

Welcome to the site, and it is wonderful news about your rededication of your life to Christ!!!

praise the Lord!
Thanks for the lovely welcome to the forum and and as Revlynn and NewtoChrist said''more importantly welcome back to the family of God' and 'it's wonderful that you have rededicated your life to Christ' AMEN to That.
REE!!!! Welcome home my friend!! I too was lost for a while and I came back. Jesus will allways welcome you back no matter what. It's party time...I threw an extra chili on the grill 4 ya

Hope ya like it hot for Jesus. A warm welcome to again friend. God Bless you.

Chili out.
Thanks Tavvy for the welcome,:)..........

Chili, good to know you were in similar circumstances. I was amazed that as soon as I confessed to God I felt immediately forgiven and it was as if I had never been away. It was as if The Holy Spirit just ignored the last ten years , and just picked up from where He left off. AMAZING!!!
Thanks for the party, I had to laugh out loud at your post:D:D