I'm new to this site and I thought I would just post a message to tell everyone about myself. I was saved about two years ago from a life of alcohol and drugs. Every since then I've been reading God's word and hoping to learn as much truth as I can here on Earth before my Father called me home.

I know I'm a relative new believer, but I do believe I have a strong grasp on the truth and if I don't then I hope that other will tell me so that I can grow closer to God.

Glad to be on the site and to learn, grow, and teach. God bless.
Welcome to CFS - Nice to have you here as part of our Christian Family.

Well hello there Spiritualteacher. How are ya? I see you got a good grip on the word and the truth of God. Hey you don't need to be a seasoned believer and know a whole lot of the Bible. You only need to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.You are in the right place:smiley10:. We got a lot going on here and there is plenty to learn and share
I'll throw an extra chili on the grill for ya my friend


I want to say

We are hot for Jesus here:smiley120::smiley140:

Bro Chili out
:welcome::welcome::welcome: to CFS we are glad you decided to join us. We look forward to fellowshipping with you.

God bless,

Here's a big ol' hello and welcome to CFS from the bestest state in the union...GEORGIA!! heheeeeeee

I hope you mean in modern times, because Georgia was part of the confederacy. Unfortunatly so was Mississippi :(