Ok, so I guess, it would be good to introduce myself in the forum.

I found this site while looking around google, and wanted to find a good chirstian forum site, because, well I spend alot of time on the internet lately and I relized a christian forum site would be good.

My user name is my last name, everyone at my high school knows by that. I am in 12th grade, looking forward to graduating, I go to a large babtist church on wendsdays and sundays. I am very intrested in the prophetic side of the bible, I like to play PC games alot too.

Well, thats me, so, hey, whats up. I posted a few post, and this forum looks very cool.


Hi Striker we are glad you are here- pc games are the norm for your age bracket- I have to high school age sons who would install the games behind their ears if I let them :D - anyway I hope you enjoy the site!
Hey Striker. I play PC games alot too. Actually I spend more time playing on my computer than I should. :p What kinds of games do you like? I personaly like Strategy and 1st person action games.
Hello Striker! Welcome to the forum. We hope you have a wonderful stay here. I like PC games too but not quite into them (after all I'm a girl)... I like to play the kind that has cute graphics and that aren't bloody. Racing is ok for me too.