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I am a 23 year old male with 1 child and another on the way!.

I was a christian some 9 years ago as a teenager but moved away, In fact I dont think I was ever a true Christian - I always worried about what I would miss out on by "not sinning" and more worried with the world than god.

I have since recommitted to Jesus about 2 months back now. or committed as I like to call it (because this time I am far more worried about being right with god than what I will "miss" in this life)

In fact, all my experiences with life outside of God always lead to me being hurt..
But I guess when you play in the devils play ground, he dont care about your health or how you are coping, he wont look after you.

I am glad to be back and to be right with Jesus, I love going to church now. :smiley180:
Since I have recommitted things have been going the best they ever had. Thank you Jesus!
I've also been on and off as a Christian. My experience with Life without God has been a failure most of the times. Now that I am back, I am so happy and excited about what God will do in my life. Eventhough I think I wasted so many years of my life which could have been used for his purpose, I am not regretting it because with God anything is possible.

Love your testimony brother. Want to hear more from you.
My opinions are different on the subject too and they wont change.

When God showed Himself to me again about 3 months ago I cried for half an hour and I never cry.
I think it was more tears of joy to see that He had been there even when I thought He wasn't.
There is a BIG story behind it all and one day I might spend a good hour writing it and post it in the testimony forum, its kinda hard for me to explain it with out taking time to proof read what I write so it all makes sense... lol