Hello, my name is Teo Dumitru; I am 16 and I am from Romania.

I grew in a good Christian family and at the age of 10 I received Jesus into my heart.

I made this account because I have a few questions that I seek answer to, and because I like to spent time with brothers in Christ.
Welcome Teo looks like you've come to the right place .

i look forward to your posts and questions .


-Michael .
Thank you, but the second link, Survival tips for new members of the Christian Forum Site is dead.

Firstly HELLO TED welcome to CFS I am pretty new here too IT is a great place!! Hope ya have fun and meet lots of folks!

About the "dead link" well actually maybe something went wrong on the link copy for ya,, but the link itself is still good I have recopied it for ya below here... as well the thread is CLOSED to replies but it can still be read and if you wish to reply tyou can do so in another thread, instructions are at this thread... GOD BLESS http://www.christianforumsite.com/n...al-tips-new-members-christian-forum-site.html
Welcome to the forums, Teo. To become a full member, You might have to message a moderator and then they will be able to send you instructions to find the group as to become a full member. I would help you if I could but I... Kind of forgot how to do it... Sorry.

Looking forward to your posts.
Ok, thank you. :D

Edit: Ok, I am a full member. Thank you to whoever did that. :D
Hello Teo Dumitru :)
You became a full member by yourself. Once you kept posting, your status goes from partial member to a full member :)

You live in Romania? Very cool :)
Hope you enjoy posting and fellowshiping (sp?) with us!
Hi ya Tio my brother from another mother!! Welcome to CFS. Hey come on board the Angel plane
We got plenty seats..all window seats! We have clouds for pillows

We have living bread for a main course and living water for drinks

The stewardesses are dressed in white
and the flight is free!! All tickets are paid by our Host Jesus as he welcomes you aboard
Every body gets the same greeting. HE in not only just the Host but HE is the PILOT :) I just kind help out in the side controls. I myself welcome you my brother
. You may call me Chili or Matt. i answer to both. Stick around and get fed the word of God Tio. i hope to see more of you my new met brother n friend!!.

Chili out.:smiley10::smiley90::smiley10::smiley10: