Hello, im new to this site (of course). I have been looking for a good christian social gathering spot (if you will) for awhile now. Im a born again christian. Trying to revive my faith via music. Thats all i have. Again hello!
Hello BlueMark, welcome to the Christian Forum Site. Here you will meet a lot of interesting members and beable to strengthen your relationship with Christ. Welcome again, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask any of our darling Moderators. Trust me on this one. ;)

GLAD TO HAVE YOU! :israel: :israel: :israel:

~Whatever it takes~
Once again thank you very much for the welcomes!

Beaux i am in a Christian Metal band. Ive been a follower of the genre for a very very long time and it seemed awkward for me to venture elsewhere. I love to play acoustically though as well.

Again that you all for the welcome
Hello Bluemark!!!!!!!:israel::p;)

I am new too, but have found the reception here to be very welcoming. Hello again to all, I am trying to get my wife to register so we may bless her with the fellowship as well. Soon my eldest son will be old enough for the computer, so hope to see him. Goodnight, I must put the girls to bed and make sure the boys have their homework finished. :groupray:
Welcome, Bluemark!

Hey Violet - Is that a G major in the image? Is it part of anything (the image, from a sequence, song, etc)? It's pretty nifty.
Welcome Blue Mark and Mewn! Blue Mark, you seem to be at home here already, that' good! As for Mewn, hope you'll post more in this forum so that we can learn from each other.