First off I'm going to anounce the dreaded statement....I'm an athiest. So before I start getting pursecuted for this i would like to say that even though I am athiest the Bible has some good standards to go by like do unto others as you would have them do unto you and so forth. I'm here mainly to try to figure out why people believe in a higher being. I'm not looking to attack or to be attacked but if I feel I am being attacked I will retaliate because I figure that's how you would want to done; again do unto others as you want them to do to you. I will debate and ask questions but I'll be civilized and respect your beliefs. Hope you can enjoy having me. I am well versed in the scriptures.
Hi and welcome!

I really do hope that you enjoy your stay / visit!!

but I'll be civilized and respect your beliefs
That is a good start :).

I'm here mainly to try to figure out why people believe in a higher being

Would you mind opening a thread in the 'general discussion' section asking this.
I should have used the words civilised discussion instead of debate and I apologize. Also thanks for the welcome somehow I feel my being here my help....somehow.
Unfortunately, this has always been a Christians-only site. Agreement with the Statement of Faith is required for membership. There are a number of good reasons why this is so, and it was intended from the very beginning. I will, however, refer you to a site which does allow Atheists to join and whose members will give you as lively a discussion as you may desire. I will send that referral to you via private message, so check you inbox.
Since I'm on a phone and can't seem to find the message box I'll just leave in peace and instead of knocking the dust from my feet I will wish you all a peaceful and prosperous life both in this one and any to follow.