Hey, I found this forum from my brother telling me about it. I see that this forum is doing very well, and Hoping that more and more people will keep joining.

My brother deathwilldie owns a free forum on InvisionFree called Most High Kingdom, I am the Coder of it and I also make background for the Verse Of The Week we have there. We are currently trying to get a Domain name for it so we can accually advertise the site alot easer on Google and Yahoo to get more member for it. We are almost there, but we need to find a good place to accually host the domain at. So it anyone has any ideas for it, please tell.


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Agent Moose. Welcome to the community. I hope the Most High Kingdom becomes a blessing to many. Dont give up on the project even if you dont get much members. Ask others for help moderating it. On CFS, the moderator team does a wonderful job keeping this forum clean and active. :) And give God all praises in all you do.


Whereyaat Agent Moose- l just wanted to say hi and I love your name- your brother Larry


Welcome, Agent Moose.
So glad you're here.
I can help you with getting a domain and web hosting at a very reasonable price.
Just contact me with your information.
We sell domains and web hosting.