Jul 1, 2007

I will introduce myself here! First of all I've to say that my English is very bad, but I hope you'll understand me! ;) I'm Anna and I live in Holland. I'm 17 years old and I'm still a student. After my schooltime I want to study medicine. I'm very fond of music.. I like playing piano, flute and guitar and listening all sort of music. This is all what I have to say, but if you have any questions.. ask them! :)
Jun 3, 2007

Na, na, na Anna,
Yer "English" is jist fine wi us up in the North East of Scotland.
I have spent many happy months walking th streets of your fair country and sailing up and down the rivers and canals.
My wife and I walked into a small family hotel in Vlissingen late one night and the lady behind the desk looked up and rattled off to us in Dutch. Some of which was quite well known to us.
I explained that we were not Dutch but Scots.
"But of course you are," she replied in English, "I can see it in your faces. You are both from Friesland."
She took some convincing.
Then an American Anthropologist lady/professor came to Aberdeen University to study us and stayed several years.
She stated that the last mass migration of people into what is now know as BUCHAN was by the "Beaker People" from Friesland 4,000 years ago!
"Since then," she added. "The bloodline has remained relatively pure to this day."
So did the language it appears - it is now termed Doric - and recognised by the new Scottish Assembly as such.
So welcome Anna to the FORUM and remember that we are all "Jock Tamsons Bairns."
I remember also in Vlissingen my German Superintendent engineer took me to a air compressor factory. We went through a tunnel under a river and when we came out the road sign said "LISBON" - I remarked that that was the quickest crossing of Europe I had ever done.
At the factory he had "words" with one of the workers and returned to me and said, "These Dutch can't even speak Dutch."
I ask why.
"He has just told me he was keeking in at the factory windows."
If you come to my home you'll hear exactly the same pharse just like the "Laching Coo." (A restaurant in Rotterdam) is the same in your language as it is in mine.
God Bless you.
(Is that a Dutch name?)
:) :)


It is great to have you at CFS, I hope you enjoy yourself Anna !
Jul 10, 2007
Zone14 Sebokeng
Hello Anna, your English is just fine compared to mine. I'm from South Africa and we have about 11 official languages, and I'm average in about five of them. Welcome, I'm new here myself.