I am a Baptist and believe in Jesus. I was baptized on Nov 26th, 1995, by Howard Smith at North Park Baptist Church in Moberly MO... I moved to Columbia to help a friend whom was dying. Than married a woman and adopted her three boys. We moved to Slater and we to First Baptist Church. After the boys grown up, moved out on their own, my wife and I moved to Belle MO to be near her Mom. We go to Faith Baptist Church today. We help out in the community by volunteering, mowing grass, working at food pantry. My wife's Mom needed a new place to stay, so we prayed and found her a mobile home to move on her property. She than had a falling apart porch, so we prayed and built her a good porch with awning. Tomorrow we are going to have a celebration party for those whom donated time and money to build her porch. Sunday we are going to visit another church, where good friends go. But we all need God, we give charity but sometimes are in need of help too. We are blessed to be in a caring community. I suffered a major stroke at age 16. Still unable to use some body parts but have the Lord in my heart.
Awesome testimony! Glad to meet you. Blessings of grace and peace be yours in abundnce!

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