Hello. I just joined the forum tonight. I wanted to give a brief introduction. I grew up in the church, but left the church several years ago. This past summer, my husband went to Promise Keepers and gave his life to Christ for the first time in his life. Shortly after that he was water baptized in church. After this, I began to re-examine my own spirituality and several weeks ago I re-dedicated my life to Christ. My husband and I attend an Assembly of God church faithfully.

Since rededicating my life to Christ, I have been reading and learning things about Christ and Christianity that I had never learned in all my years growing up in the church. It is as though I am seeing things through fresh eyes. Which is great! I am getting excited about what else I never knew before in light of all these new things I am learning.

I joined this forum in hopes of several things: 1) encouragement that comes through being around fellow believers, and 2) learning new things.

Hopefully I can get my husband to sign up also. :)
:welcome:WELCOME to you both.
Great to have you on the forum.
It is always lovely when a couple join together.
God bless you both,


Good morning Bookworm and welcome to the CFS family!