Hello everyone..

My name is Eva im 27 years old, daughter of missioners(sorry i dont know if thats the right term in english as im spaniard), my mom passed away when i was young, but my dad my sister and i continue with our travels spreading gods word around Europe. Finally we settle again in Spain(My sister and i where born in Iceland) my dad married again with this woman, long story lots of trouble it was a spiritual war between that woman and my sister and I(we where really young but we already knew a lot about God and Jesus I was able to speak in tounges at age 7 it was something beautiful) well then my dad divorced and we moved to Argentina my dad met this woman daughter of missioners, born in Oslo Norway but of Israeli parents(and shes Christian she totally believes that Jesus is the mesiah) they had another two kids nad shes an amazing beautiful woman, totally given to God, is just beautiful.

Well I;ll be in the USA for a sohrt period as Im helping my friend to make her vision true: The Only Hispanic Chruch in Gillete Wyoming, so im helping its a really beautiful project as this town really needs it. Im a teacher here also, um then ill go back to Andorra where i live and where im Pastor.

It will be a pleasure to meet everybody!!
God Bless You.
Warmest Greetings

Warmest Greetings,

I just joined several days ago and this forum has really been a blessing. I'm sure you will find it so.

Your story is quite interesting.
The Father has been with you and your father,all your life

My ancestry from my mothers side is from the Canary Islands, which I hear is close to Spain. Though my family is Catholic, (I am not) I recently heard from my mother that we are of Jewish decent. I am non-denominational.

Hope to hear from you again.

Pastor Gary

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Welcome to CFS and welcome to The United States. May God's light shine upon the project that you are helping with and may He give you guidance and wisdom throughout your life.


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:)Hello EvaS!!!:)

Very nice to meet you!

Welcome to the Forum and

all God's blessings to you!

Thanks everyone, and God Bless you all.

The Canary Islands are not only close to Spain they are IN Spain is just an area just like Leon is for example.

Again thanks, everonye.

God Bless