Nov 5, 2007

"Hello"...sorry it was the most creative title I could come up with LOL. I am new here but very excited to finally have other Christians to share with!

My name is Teresa and I am 30 years old...I just turned 30 yesterday actually! I also just celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary and I am the mother of 3 beautiful girls. They are 8, 4 and 7 months old.

At the beginning of the school year I made a quick and unexpected decision to homeschool my children. I joined a group of homeschooling parents and children and thought it was great. Shortly after I found out that they were Pagans and did not like Christians. I was in a hard place. I really liked these ladies, but they were being very disrespectful of my religion. I finally backed out and told them that the group just wasn't for me. That story may seem irrelevant (I REALLY cut it short) but at that point in my life I hadn't been going to church regularly and I was what I now consider a sleeping Christian.

I have since become seriously involved in my church. My girls attend a Thursday morning homeschooling class through the church and I attend the womans group class. We also go Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday. I am very new to Christianity though. As a child I wasn't raised going to church. My mother wasn't very religious and my father called himself a Christian but didn't act much like one. I would go to youth groups and church with any neighbors that were willing to take me but it still wasn't really enough for me to learn what a Christian should know.

Whew...I talk alot sorry.....what I'd really like to say is that I don't know much. I'm learning. I know we all are constantly learning but I am especially with my Christianity. I've never read the Bible all the way through, I want to make that commitment! I LOVE everything I'm learning and I want my family to know everything there is to know about our Wonderful Lord!!! I am, however; finding it a bit lonely. My family and friends are really not that religious...really not at all. I talk some to my mom and my closest friend (who has strong faith). But even then I find myself feeling like they must think I'm crazy. So that brings me here. Hopefully you will all understand that this is very new to me and I am so much in awe of our Lord that it can come off pretty corny LOL.

That's all I'll write in here for now! Thanks for letting me get it off my chest LOL GOD Bless!!

I didn't come from a religious family either... My father was an atheist and would try to talk me out of believing in God, and my mom was a non-religious Catholic meaning we didn't, do any rituals or ceremonies... We attended church when someone died or got married and invited us...

I 've been married for 34 years...

I would suggest the Book of John as the first book you read, study and meditate on...

Maybe someone else can suggest the second... I think for me it would be 1 and 2 Corinthians...

Hope you enjoy it here as much as I have...

First of all happy birthday!!! I would like to welcome you to CFS I have found the people on this site to be a true blessing I hope you find the same If you ever need anything please feel free to contact me!