Help-computer is junk!!~!


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I would reccomend reloading windows. Probably your best bet at this point.
I would recommend the same if you have backed up all your required files. Don't install the latest windows on an old computer. It's best if you reinstall the original operating system and then have a good anti-virus installed later. If you are not sure how to do that, you may need help from an IT professional.

Firefox is a good browser by the way.
Not broken-but pop ups keep popping up-2 for active x and error on the page won't let me post on the blog page-here- or in the myspace forum!!~!:eek:--:D
:)-Okay-I tried all those spyware busting systems and everyone want me to buy their program-they say free-they are not FREE!!~!-Now-the SCANS ARE FREE-but what is the good of scanning if they don't delete the bugs!!~I ask you?:mad:


If you ran superanti-spyware(Free edition) and it did not remove it chances are the $ ones won't help anyway. I would follow Jeff's advice. Back up what you want to disc and the reinstall Windows. This should definitely correct the problem.
It seemed to work alright at the store-but get it home-all these problems-pop up- literally!!~!
You should take it back. I would.

There's no way that a computer 8 years old is worth that much. I'd say less than a hundred bucks would be a fair price.

Get your money back and go to an honest dealer, that's what I'd do.

I got my laptop brand-spanking new from Walmart...oh, four years ago? It was something like $400. First one didn't work right, so I took it back and got another one (different model).

Any computer should be in working order when you receive it, my friend. You shouldn't have to tinker with it to get it running right.:(

Best wishes.:)