Help for ex witches/pagans etc.

Help for ex witches/pagans etc.

Hi all.

I just started a very little website, which I'm hoping will help out ex witches/pagans, or people still in the occult who are moving towards Christ.

As of yet, I've only got three pages, but I'm hoping to add another couple in a month or so, if there is enough interest.

If any of you know of any people stuck in the occult, or recently come out of it, could you let them know that I'm happy to answer any questions they might have, that I'm able to send them a new Bible, and that I can get them a "buddy" - someone to prayer partner with them, and offer support if need? In the UK I may be able to get folks to meet up with new Christians. Also if any of you want to offer support as a "prayer buddy" I'd be glad to accept your help.

Finally, I'd like to say, I thought of this largely because of th1bill, who was used of God as an "online buddy" to support myself and my family when I was first a Christian. Because of his patience and honesty my husband finally came to know Christ, and I would be honoured if my little website helped even one person come to know the Lord.

Let me know what you think, and if any of you can be "virtual buddies" to new Christians.

Thank you.
Hi Lynn,
I like your testimony. I'm putting together a "welcome" letter that I'm going to send out to people coming through my website, and I'll include a link to your website there.

psionic, just anything to do with the mind not staying contained to the skull and heart not staying contained to the chest, kind of like in worship . stuff like that .

redeemed, it means He took all the bad stuff i used to do when i did whatever i saw fit and replaced it with something in Him instead .

So i've gone from a place that was really dark . detoxed . and got sent into a unique place to serve because of where i was .

dunno if that would help or not .
I went through a pagan stage I ALMOST got a pentagram tattoo, but I am sooo thankful I didnt ;).

Your website is coming along well, good luck with it!!!
Pagans more so than others tend to get some thoughts like "I have been in direct contact with Satan, I am screwed!!"
Well I went through that stage anyway, dont know about other ex pagans.
So to have a site like this is really good for anyone that may think something silly like that, because it can be quite scary lol.