Help! Google/Blogspot - A Haven For Paedophiles

Help! Google/Blogspot - A Haven For Paedophiles


Hello all,

It's been brought to my attention that Google/Blogger/Blogspot are hosting pro-paedophilia blogs under the title of "Free Speech."

Here are just a few screenshots of the many pro-paedophile blogs:



BTW the silly heart/triangle logos are Girlove/Boylove icons, kinda like how the Nazi's have the Swastika.

While I'm all for free speech, when it starts promoting harm/promotes treading on the rights of other individuals, a line HAS to be drawn.

What can you do?

Let Google know what you think of them helping promote paedophilia:

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View
[email protected]

Send blogspot a message:

Talk To Us

Suggest a Zero-Tolerance policy on Pro-Paedophile blogs:

Blogger Wishlist

Google/Blogspot disregards the responsibility of moderating the content **they** host and instead suggests that viewers should 'flag' websites with content violating the TOS. For a list of pro-paedophile blogs to flag please PM me!

Other forms of action could be as simple as boycotting their search engine (Perhaps changing to Yahoo etc) and just telling others.

As sad as it may be, it seems the only way big corporations like Google are going to change, is when it starts hitting them in the pocket or things get nasty for them.

Any help would be VERY much appreciated.