Help on leading people to the Lord

Help on leading people to the Lord

Hi guys.

Can you give me some pointers & help on what to say to people when trying to explain about God and later try and lead them to the Lord ?

I get things like, Thats lame, or how do you know the bible is real and who chose the books for the bible?

This is just so fustrating.
Hi Born2LoveYou- first remember that we are to sow seed and believe God for the harvest. I have seen folks dismiss the Gospel for years only to remember it later in a time of need- many have come to Christ this way.
When they won't listen to the facts try another aproach. Try sharing your testimony- Jesus is real in my life- I sense His presence- He speaks to me- He gives me peace - He delivers me- let them know what they are missing- everyone has a whole in their heart only Jesus can fill- if that heart isn't satisfied it will be constantly seeking temporary fixes only to find itself empty a few
minutes later after attempting to gratify itself. Tell them- you obviously don't know my God or you wouldn't belive that- He is awesome and loving beyond comprehension. Explain to them that they were created to fellowship with God and until they realize that purpose they will never be complete- let them know that the Bible has more historic documentation than any work in literary history- let them know that if you are right they are in serious need of a Saviour- tell them that you love and care for them and that is what drives you to share the love found in Jesus with them- Never let them back you down, I don't mean be pushy but do not let them intimidate you when it comes to sharing- Never say good things about yourself but Always lift up God and His goodness. The scripture declares we are to sudy to show ourself approaved and to be ready in season and out of seaon. Get more invlolved in bible study and apologetics- and finally get more involved with God- the more time you spend with Him the more of His presence and glory you cary into this dark world.
Amny blessings on your day, your brother Larry
They are going to believe what they want to believe. Like someone else said, just sow the seed. No need to keep throwing seed over and over again on bad soil.

Even if you answer they're objections, they will just come up with new ones.

Don't get me wrong. You should still strive to defend the faith. And there are many resources out there that deal with history and historical method that you can use in combat. My blog, listed in my signature, is one such site, although I haven't specifically dealt with these topics just yet. I plan to in the future, though.
Contrary to the modern day evangelical church teaching
, not every one can or should be trying to evangilize. While we should all be prepared to answer when ask about the reason for the faith we have in Jesus it is not for all to be actively trying to evangilize. Not everyone is gifted in that respect. Scripture tells us that not all are an eye or ear. The church is of many parts with many functions and no one any more or less important than another. You might very well serve the LORD and church better in some other area.

Another problem might that your trying to evangilize with some presentation that you have been taught. Many churches teach and promote this and many try it only to realize it doesn't work that well if at all. So don't do that . It comes off insincere and aggrivating. Instead be your self sspeaking from the hart rather than a lesson plan.
Timing is always important. Don't just start and go and on and on about it, spuoting scripture and talking in christianese to people who are busy or don't realy have an intrest at that time.

Read the person your talking to. Remember it's about them not what your doing or scoring points. If their not intrested drop it. If their confrontational back away humblely and look to others.
Keep it casual,natural and sincere. never judgmental or systematic.
This is always important. Always leave them an out. don't follow or trap them. Let them speak and listen when they do. let them have control and remember that our portion in this is to spread the word not save the people. Saving them is a Jesus Job and judging them is a God job. We are to go about our days spreading the seeds or watering ,It is God that makes them grow.
Cold calls may sell magazines and dirt suckers (vacuum cleaners) but your going to have to develope a relationship with most people to lead them to a life changing knowledge of Christ.
Theology and scripture doesn't impress those who don't know the bible ,so spare them having to listen to it.
Respond to what's on their mind at that time. work with what they are comfortable with. Meet them where their at in their element.
Don't try to change them but try to give them a reason to change on their own or at least something to think about.
Be prepared to pass or hand off the ball or drop it if the situation indicates.
Don't demand or push for a decision. Leave them with something to think about an open end were they can feel free to comer to you not offended and hiding from you.

Sincerely his and yours
B2LY I have never met the christian God couldn't or wouldn't use to reach someone- just be sensative to the leading of HIs Spirit- if you are available He will use you for His glory.