Help plan my summer

Help plan my summer

The situation:

To get my 2 year degree in community college for visual arts/web development I need to take classes this summer. 2 classes in the evening. That will make work tough this summer. Last summer, I made 4k by working construction from June through August. It goes Monday through Friday and optional Saturdays from 6:30am to 3pm. So a construction filled summer this summer would more than double my savings which will work nice because when I have to pay my one and only expense (car insurance) then I will actually have 6.5k left over. That works out nicely for the future if I get an appartment in the next 2-3 years. This also means being dead tired in my two night classes this summer. I believe it will be Monday Wednesday 5:30-9 or something like that. I've never taken on this much of a load before, but the classes arn't that hard.

My other option would be to just do a part time job. 3 nights a week on the weekends or something like that. But the money I make won't be half the money I make in construction. The wage is $5 more in construction than it was in food service. The hours are also alot more in construction. 40 hours compared to 20 hours a week. I will however be well rested and should dominate in class and when I play slowpitch softball. I am playing slowpitch softball either way. Spring and Summer. I need to have SOME fun in my life.

The big question:

So the big question is which type of job do I take? Construction for a jam packed and tiring schedule but twice as much money, or a part time fast food or movie theatre type job for an easy schedule?

Summer A: Food service or move theatre job. Lots of free time, small amount of income, maybe 1500-2000. Lots of free time to work out and play with the pooch. Won't be sore or too tired to dominate in slowpitch softball. Won't have to breathe dust on the site.

Summer B: Construction, $4k. Plenty of spending money. Weekends completely off. Overworked, a little tired. Might not have very good concentration in classes. However, these classes are very easy. Might not work out or get excercise due to exhaustion. Girlfriend will be slightly unhappy. Still time for slowpitch softball on the weekends or Tue/Thursday.


The one you really need to ask is God. He will lead you into the center of His will. You won't even have to think abot it but deep down in your inner man you will know what to do.
Many blessings, brother Larry.
Yeah I know but when. Applying needs to start April 1st if I want a shot at getting any kind of job. I have asked God.
Your plate is full indeed!
Good for you. I personally believe that idle hands are the devils workshop.

Just keep this in mind. God worked 6 days and rested on the seventh.

He told us to do the same.

Satan works seven days a week.

Who are you modeling yourself after?

.................. You have much to do, but don't forget yourself my dear brother in Christ.

Remember, Christ has done the work. There is no need for you to die to complete it.

Enjoy the time God has given to you, enjoy the work, and especially, enjoy a day of rest. Praise and Glory be to God!
If I were you, I wouldn’t pay too much attention on how much money you will or won’t make just for the summer. Look at the big picture. The more knowledge you learn and retain will help you get the job you want. And when I say get the job you want… I’m not talking about the highest paying job. I’m talking about the job with good benefits, good people, friendly atmosphere, less stress… a job that is enjoyable and not just “a job”. If that’s what you are going to be doing for the rest of your life… how much money you make this summer means very little. And yes… there is nothing wrong with having time to enjoy yourself. Time spent with friends and loved ones? Can’t put a price on that.

And the construction? There’s a better chance of you getting injured with construction. Not just from you having an accident, but from someone else doing something stupid when you are close by. I’ve seen it happen a lot. Injured people don’t make much money.

And if you work less hours, you can open up a lemonade stand. I did that when I was a kid and would make about a buck and a half in a few hours, and mom paid for all the supplies. Of course, back then, I think we charged a nickel for a glass of lemonade, I bet you could get 50 cents now. :D
Injuries are for old bags. At 19, we are immortal. The only injuries I saw other than my bloody nose from all the dust and paint breathing was when people didn't wear gloves.

I mow my girlfriends lawn as a side job. Her dad is busy, plus he pays me too much cause he likes me. I do some other jobs in the yard as well.