Help repair and replace hardware for Cfan ministries


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Help repair and replace hardware for Cfan ministries

Dear Mission Partners,

Right now, we have a critical need in our soul-winning ministry. Recently, our technical crew informed me that we've basically come to the limits of what we can do with our audio equipment in accommodating the vast crowds that have been coming to our crusades. Additionally, we run top-notch video equipment to capture every moment of each of our nightly meetings and Fire Conference meetings. Most recently we purchased equipment used to, for the first time, broadcast our evangelistic campaigns direct from the heart of Africa to your computer screen. All of this has ongoing maintenance costs and are the "sound and vision" of our soul-winning ministry! Please prayerfully consider partnering with us today in taking care of these urgent needs. We have set an online goal of $50,000. Simply, select one of our offices below to make your donation. There you will also find much more detail about the hardware we use to make these Gospel campaigns happen!

THANK YOU for helping others to HEAR the Gospel! Our faithful Lord will reward your gifts and prayers of support. I thank Him for bringing us together as mission's partners!

Your Co-Laborer in the Harvest Field for Souls,
Reinhard Bonnke

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