This is not a major problem, but Iv'e tried everything I know except the correct solution. For some reason all of a sudden my "New Mail Alert Notification" went silent. The sound on my computer works fine, I've changed the theme 5 times, clicked "Apply" and "OK", but still nothing. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.
Yes! Dotted all the "I's" and crossed all the "T's". I know I am missing some small thing. I first noticed this after I did an update for Messenger, since then things have gone silent, but I still have sound on my computer if I play a song and even at re-boot.
Yes, tried that also. I think I even went a bit overboard, I picked it up and put it on my shoulder and burped it, but still nothing. LOL, sorry, it is early.


Sorry, Tom, maybe someone will come along who knows....
isn't there a Help number to call?



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If the new mail alert is of MSN/Live messenger's, then:

Goto Tools>Options>Alerts and Sounds>'Check' display alerts when a message is received.


I had some problems with windows messenger lately- I went to add/remove uninstalled- then I went to microsoft and reinstalled and now it works perfectly.:D:cool:


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In WIndows XP, go to the control panel. If you use the classic view, you can select "Sound and Audio Devices" from there. Otherwise you will have to hunt for it.

Click on it and go to "Sounds", then scroll down and you will see "New Mail Notification". You can change/set the sound that occurs when you receive new mail there independently of any program.