Helpers needed - Time specific


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Helpers needed - Time specific

Hello Everyone,

This is our second intake for Helpers position. I'll send a pm to those who've already been shortlisted for this position. This time it's a bit different. Just read on find out. :D

Time specific? What does that mean?
We need Helpers to help moderate CFS during certain specific times of the day. Most of our Helpers and Moderators are from the US and there are times when CFS has no one from the staff to take care off the community. It usually happens after midnight when most of the staff goes to bed. So we need some helpers to login and moderate during these off-time hours.

But why?
CFS is a multi-national Christian's community and we have visitors and members visiting at all times. Spammers tend to attack when they don't see any staff logged in. Our response to spam attacks is usually quick but it may not be as quick during the off-time hours.

Ok. Now what does a Helper do? What are the requirements?
Helper position is our lighter version of Moderator position. For more information, visit:

Sure, I can help. When during the day should I log in? For how long?
Refer the following city/time list below. Search for your city to find out when you will have to login. Add 1/2hrs to this time depending on when it is most convenient for you. For eg: If you are from Boston, you can chose from either 1:00AM, 2:00 AM or 3:00AM. You should stay online for about an hour or two during this time everyday. It's ok if aren't able to make it but CFS really needs you at these times.

Got it! I really want to be a Helper, buy how do I apply?
Reply to this thread and I'll communicate with you about it via pm. The Moderators usually have a discussion about shortlisted applicants and we select you through votes. So please be patient. :D:D Someone from staff will give you the status. ;) If no reply, disturb me again. :D