Herb Garden Basics

Cooking from scratch is a basic rule to being thrifty.
Except when your wife starts buying for you expensive and useless garden items for presents. ;)

Any help or ideas on herb gardening? Chime in.
In the summer, on the east side of a wall is a good place for salad greens and herbs, to avoid afternoon heat. In the winter, on the south side of a wall is a good place to get the most sun. Add a cold frame and you can grow year around, given that many salads and herbs have good cold tolerance.

Fresh, flavorful, organic, yummm.
When it comes to green fingers, I'm all brown thumbs ... but herbs seem to grow in spite of me. A few years back I went mad and planted a whole heap of herbs in pots ... parsley, mint, thyme, oregano, marjoram, basil. They thrived for a while, then we had the fires that went through here at the beginning of 09 - herbs were turned to ash, and I thought they had all gone to herby heaven for sure. Not so ... after some months, almost all began to sprout again. In the couple of years since, life has been pretty hectic and the herbs have been sadly neglected ... weeds took over the pots, they completely dried out (except when they got watered by rain) and again, I thought they had all passed from this life. Again, not so ... a few weeks back my best friend, tired of looking at my sad and neglected pots, attacked them. She found a few straggly remnants of herbs, repotted them, and suddenly all but the marjoram have sprung to life again.

Seems I can't kill them, no matter how hard I try. :D


Seems I can't kill them, no matter how hard I try. :D
That's the nice thing about herbs and salads, they grow so easily. Some of them you can plant in the yard, never water them, and mow them with the grass, and they continue to thrive year after year.