Hey chili!!


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Apr 22, 2008
The peppers are doin good man!!

(So are the cows.) :D

Dude!! throw another 2 on the grill 4 ME!! I'll be there in 2 hrs with a hot crock of chili beans!! N some corn bread!:cool::eek::D:D:D:):israel:
OOOOOO Yeah!!!!!!! MMMMMMMM lookin good Sir Schultz!! God blessed you abundantly 4 sure. thank you 4 teasing me n makin my mouth gush. My wife just made some home made mexican soup, corn cob, little bit of beef chuck, garlic, onion chopped, basil, red taters cubed, celery chopped, a bunch of green onions chopped, a little salt n fresh crushed black pepper to taste n jasmine rice n I put in some ground GC for me which I put a bit too much n brought me to my knees in tears but, with alot of flavor!:cool::D No worries M8. Wow God has blessed us with a good bounty this year.
TY Jesus. Thanks for showin me the FRUIT!
Chili that is. O brother God bless you.

Chili out 4 now