Hey everybody!

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Hey everybody!

First off to Jeff, I got your PM about the potential ID theft stuff from me using my full name on here, but as of now my account isn't allowing me to reply to PMs for some reason. (probably just something I haven't figured out yet..) So if you could, just shorten my name to BillyM or something..

BUT anyway, that's not why I made this thread, I just wanted to say a quick hello and meet a few of you gals n' guys before I jump into any heavy discussions.

God bless you all and thanks for the great website!

I am kind of tired right now so I cannot give you my famous "introductions" :D as I like to call them but welcome.

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- ...and last but not least, if you are new to using message boards, don't forget to check out the New Member's Survival Guide. It's really helpful for newbies. :D

God bless you!

Thanks for welcome guys, I've been around different message boards over the years, so I'm fairly familiar with the BBcode system and whatnot. It will probably take me a while to get used to the overall 'style' of posting here, if that makes sense. So if I happen to n00b things up for first few weeks, bare with me lol.

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Welcome Billy - Nice to have you as part of our family.

We mentioned the identity theft potential to you for your own safety and security. We care about all of our members and with a full name and city visible in your profile, the potential for a possible compromising of that safety and security was there.

Thank you for allowing us to change the username and thank you for understanding the situation. As a former law enforcement officer for 21 years, I have seen the kind of personal destruction that identity theft can bring to persons. It is difficult to bounce back from.

Again, welcome and God bless.
To the forum, Billy! Glad to meet you, and hope you make many friends here!
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