Hey everyone Im an Ex-Satanist

Should you get any attempts by your old master to take you back be sure and command the evil spirits to leave you alone in Jesus name and tell them to depart from you in Jesus name and not come back. Confess out loud that the blood of Jesus is covering you and do that every day several times a day and praise the Lord out loud for redeeming you from the kingdom of darkness and translating you into the Kingdom Of His Beloved Son Jesus Christ.


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x19_13 the devil cannot hurt you personally. he can hurt you only if you let him. ok listen to this in James 4 v 7"Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you" So when you feel the urge to do something that you know and feel in your heart is wrong. Say a quick prater to God as simple as this "please help my God" and HE will hear you and give you strength!!! I have been there thousands of times and it works every time. And I will still say it as things occur. notice that the devil is spelled with a small d not a capitol as a noun. God is all ways spelled with a capitol G because that is a name. The devil is not a name but a description of a being. he does have a name though. Lucifer. he was the most beautiful of Angels that went crooked on God and tried to have his own power and talked 1/3 of the other angels to follow him. guess what happened from there. yeah you know. they were all cast out of Heaven. And the story goes on from there to the creation of the universe and earth. I'm stopping here.
my friend he cannot hurt YOU. ONLY if you let him. Stand firm in your new belief!!! You'll be FIIINNNEEEE!
Your brother in Christ
Chili :)