Hey there, God bless you all :)

Hey there, God bless you all :)

Hey everyone. My name is Angela, I'm 18 years old and I live in Montenegro, Europe.

I was a Christian from my birth till the age of 15, then I kind of drifted away, and turned away from God, I've gone the wrong path. I denied God for about 3 years, I was more into Wicca, I believed in magic, and I wanted to convert to their religion. This is a really long story, but I'm trying to make it short for you. Anyway, I've just recently realized what I've done, and I've come back onto the right path, I believe in the Father God and His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. He opened my eyes to the truth, and my heart towards Him. And I'll forever thank Him for enlightening me. I want to stick with this path, I don't want to fail Him again. Jesus is with me again, and I DO belive that only He can save me. And that's all that matters. :)

Anyway, I hope I'll get to know all of you, and hopefully make some new friends. :D

God Bless,
- Angela
Hello Angela, thats a wonderful testimony. We are all somewhere in Gods great plans. Ive been cought like that too.

Hope you have great fun and encouragement here. :D :) :cool:

God bless.
Thank you for the warm welcome. You seem really nice :)
I'll make sure I have fun, of course ;) And I'm sure I'll find a lot of encouragement. :)

P.S. I was wondering if you could just delete the other intro post of mine, because I posted it twice by accident? Thank you. :D
Re: Hey there, God bless you all

Powerful testimony, Angela. Welcome to the forum. I believe the Lord is going to use you to bring a bunch of people out of the darkness of WICCA "into the kingdom of the Son he loves" (Col 1:13).

He opened my eyes to the truth, and my heart towards Him.

Hi Angela. I'm new here too, (but I'm much older). Praise God for His wonderful salvation. Its great how the Holy Spirit draws us to Him. I might not have drifted as far as you did, but I definitely wasn't living for Jesus. I'm thankful for another chance to live my life for Him. Like you said, He opened my heart towards Him.:D

Glory be to Jesus!
Thanks, Jeff. It's a nice community, but it seems lots of the members are too busy to post very often since school started. Hopefully, after they get into the swing of things, it'll pick up a little.:party:
Yes Liberty, It used to be more active here sometime ago. Most of us got busy and the discussions slowed down. Any suggestions to get the community back on its feet?? I'm willing to it a shot. :medieval:
Hello Angela and Liberty! Welcome! It's some time since I'm here because of school exams... but anyway, I'll be more active by December! Things have been changing a lot! By the way, Liberty, you've really sent in a lot of good posts!