Hey there

Hey there

hello, maybe a bit late, but now I see this forum :p

I am Mischa, a Dutch boy, 17 years old.
if you have any questions, ask me.
Hi Mischa, you remind me of my youngest son- he doesn't go anywhere without his guitar! It is a real pleasue having you at CFS and I hope you enjoy the site as much as I do- lots of nice people and lots to learn from each other!
Tell us about your country- what are things like over there and what other interests do you have besides guitars! Have a blessed day- your brother Larry
thank you all.

Boanerges: The Netherlands, are not that interesting, it's a wnnabe america. At least sometimes it comes over like that. I love my country, but it is very small.

well beside my guitar, I write poems and songs, that is a great hobby of me.
I've got a girlfriend, who I really love, we both like music, and she is a very good singer, so we play a lot together. :guitar:

I also like it to read, mostly books about the rapture and stuff like that.
I also like movies.
And I want to study History

I'm pretty comforted here, so you'll guys have to learn to live with me :p:dance: