Hello, I am new to the site and new to Christianity. I accepted Jesus into my heart just over a month ago. I started reading the bible and am trying to figure out what denomination my beliefs coincide with. I joined to have questions answered and to have discussions with other Christians. I am very glad to be here. God bless :)

Hi there

Welcome aboard. I see from your post and profile that we have a few things in common. I appears that you have come to faith outside the church. So did I. And your favorite song is "Amazing Grace". So is mine. I do find it enteresting that you like that particular song. I didn't think many people under the age of about thirty even knew it, much less liked it. It's not sung much in churches these days. The traditional hymms have for the most part been replaced with the more popular modern music. Enough about that:rolleyes:

I have ,because I come to faith outside the church, given myself to do a lot of study on the beliefs, doctrines and practices of the many denominational groups of christianity. I would be happy to share my findings and beliefs as I'm sure many in this forum will.
So, ask away sister;)
Welcome ReachingforSanctity.

I'm sure that Theophilus knows much more about denominational beliefs than myself so I will leave him to answer your questions. The only advice I can offer is to look for a group of believers who are of godly character. By that I mean people who stand firm in the faith and will not allow the truth to be distorted.

I hope you find this forum a blessing to you.