ok let me introduce myself and say a little about me, my name is daniel and im a christian. im mexican/american and im 17 years old. im also not gonna lie, im a juggalo. most people will see the word "juggalo" and think
"your a heathen who listen to that violant and profane group insane clown
posse" well let me say that im a very nice person, i do listen to them, but
i wouldent love god right now if it wasent for them, i wouldent be a chrstian. i would still be an atheaist listening to marilyn manson and nine inch nails. i still have habits and hobbies that are not christain like and i'm
trying to give them up. i love god and jesus christ with all my heart and hope to one day be with them in heaven.

ps. there are two questions i got that i have gotten mixed answers for, #1- is smoking marijuana a sin? and can it be forgiven?
#2- is going to church an absolute must to be saved?

thank you , i hope to be a long time member of this board :groupray:
Hello Daniel! Welcome to CFS! We're glad to have you here.

Regarding your questions:
1. I think smoking marijuana is a sin, but it can be forgiven if you repent earnestly before the Lord.
2. Going to church is NOT absolute to be saved. To be saved we need to acknowledge that we're sinners and that we need the blood of Jesus to cleanse us from our sins. Next we offer up our lives to Him and acknowledge His lordship.

However, the Bible DOES ask of us to meet to fellowship together in church. Also, it's essential so that you get the right ideas of Christianity to grow and mature spiritually and to experience fellowship with other children of God. When you feel doubtful or when you fall down, you won't give up so easily because there are others to pick you up. You can also learn to serve the Lord in church too.

Hope you enjoy yourself here. And I hope you'll be a long time member too!