Heya, i seemed to have jumped the gun and not said hi!!!! before posting and getting slapped on the hand for not reading the rules :p Sorry again for that and THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for letting me stay

Uum, quick bio.........thats the thing to do in hello threads right?

My names Chris *waves* im 20, i live in Ipswich UK when im at home and Preston UK when im at university. Im studying for a degree in Media Production and Technology. I LOVE Films, and i play far FAR too many games. And ill most likely be on the forum whenever work is due in because im a procrastinator :p My favourite thing in the world is my dvd collection :p i know, i know, its bad, but i LOVE films! I have around 300 films.

My biggest passion except films, is music. Im kind of a conesuer (I have NO idea how that word is spelt :p) so i listen to anything. But my favourite bands are One Republic, Switchfoot, Linkin Park and Delerious?

So yeh, thats me, HEYA!
Welcome. I know what you mean about the procrastination thing. Often when my school work is due, instead I make excuses to check the forum too much.
Hello, and welcome to Christian Forum Site (CFS)!

We're very happy that you decided to join - it's all right if you jumped the gun and started posting before saying a warm hello. Believe me, I've done it millions of times. ;)

I hope you enjoy your time at CFS. :)