Heya, i seemed to have jumped the gun and not said hi!!!! before posting and getting slapped on the hand for not reading the rules :p Sorry again for that and THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for letting me stay

Uum, quick bio.........thats the thing to do in hello threads right?

My names Chris *waves* im 20, i live in Ipswich UK when im at home and Preston UK when im at university. Im studying for a degree in Media Production and Technology. I LOVE Films, and i play far FAR too many games. And ill most likely be on the forum whenever work is due in because im a procrastinator :p My favourite thing in the world is my dvd collection :p i know, i know, its bad, but i LOVE films! I have around 300 films.

My biggest passion except films, is music. Im kind of a conesuer (I have NO idea how that word is spelt :p) so i listen to anything. But my favourite bands are One Republic, Switchfoot, Linkin Park and Delerious?

So yeh, thats me, HEYA!
Hello, and welcome to Christian Forum Site (CFS)!

We're very happy that you decided to join - it's all right if you jumped the gun and started posting before saying a warm hello. Believe me, I've done it millions of times. ;)

I hope you enjoy your time at CFS. :)