Hi Everyone I am new!

Hi Everyone I am new!

I am a child of God, wife, mother, grandmother and nurse. That is me in a nut shell. Live in Texas. I am not only new to this forum, I am new to any forum. So...Hi everyone!:smiley110:
Thank you so much! I am excited to be here! I was nervous about writing..I failed to mention that my husband is retired Navy and we have two sons and a daughter. She is the mother of my only and favorite grandson. The apple of my eye!
to the family. We are happy that you joined us. We look forward to hearing from you.


God bless,

Welcome...we're so happy you found us.

This is a wonderful Christian site, filled with so many from whom I've learned so much.

I look forward to hearing from you again.

Blessings, Cheri



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HI !!:smiley10: excuse the chip in my tooth! That is where I got straightened UP!! . Welcome to CFS!! Yes you are dearlyloved by Jesus and all of us here:smiley90: Jus call me Chili. All my brothers and sisters do n you better to.

to CFS!!