Hi Everyone!! Newbie Here...

Hi Everyone!! Newbie Here...

Hi Everyone

I am a born-again spirit-filled Christian lady who wants nothing but what God has in His plans for me. I know that when I step upon the wrong path, He is sure to guide me right back to where I belong. I have mentored students who are Muslim and Hindu with the hopes that one day they too would come to know the Lord. I want so badly to make a difference in the lives of nonbelievers; whether it is through witnessing or by example. Hopefully one day I will know exactly what my calling is and how to execute it in God's way.

I hope and pray that joining this site will help me to find fulfillment in fellowship, as well as being a blessing to others.

I look forward to talking to everyone!!

God Bless!!
I love the name and I love your heart- you are most welcome my sister- in His Name brother Larry
Welcome to CFS. This is just one of many Christian Websites I enjoy. I've left some that weren't as Christian as they claimed to be.
:D Welcome HisGrace! As iron sharpens iron (proverbs27:17), that is what I believe your involvement through this forum will do to us and you.
:welcome: and :jesus-sign: is LORD! :amen:.