Hi everyone

Hi everyone

Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen!

I'm a young guy from Germany, and I've decided to try this forum to have some more christian fellowship. I already frequent another forum-like community over at livejournal.com, but I need some new place to talk at.

I am a lutheran christian, having been baptized last Easter. I love God and believe in Him, but I am still lacking much. I try not to get depressed about that though. I've found that it's even a kind of duty to become a happy person in this life, through godly means only of course - but happiness makes faith easier and things go more smoothly, and it prevents from worrying too much. Sometimes it takes an effort to make yourself happy.

I'm currently starting to read the whole bible through again, aiming at understanding what is written and getting to know God and His ways a bit better.

I have schizophrenia and am often assaulted by demons. This has in the past led me to some crazy ideas but I'm not following these anymore. Truth matters much to me now, even when it did not in my past. I suppose the christian journey itself can be considered a learning to love the truth. Sometimes truth seems easy, but there is something to it because we must obey the truth. Fortunately, truth comes to us christians through Jesus Christ, which means we are lovingly helped, provided we follow the Lord.

I have many fears and anxieties, but I also got my share of happiness and I'm working on making my whole life better.

I spend much time with the computer, and have a small part-time job. I am single and would love to find the right girl, but if that won't happen, I would not complain much either, provided I have my friends and my family.

So, all about me for now! Blessings!

Daniel Neubacher



You are a wise young man, I can see that.
God loves you!
I'm glad you have joined us and many blessings to you.



Hi Dan it is great to meet you. Draw near to God as HE is the source of all healing, freedom and life. God is love and perfect love casts out all fear- immerse yourself in Him, His Word , His fellowship and spend time in worship- you will see tremendous change in your life.
Many blessings and much love in Jesus Name, your brother Larry.

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