Hi, Everyone!

I am a newbie but I'm very excited to join CFS. Hoping to gain knowledge and to socialize with fellow Christians about the goodness of our Lord.
Thanks, me and my husband just gave our life over to Christ over a year ago and it has been tough but rewarding. Sorry for all the same threads, how do you delete them?
One of the mods will take care of it I am sure-you can message Hismanysongs, Rumely, Adonaicle or Jeff if you wish.

Are you two attending Church regularly somewhere?
Yes, my brother n law is an awesome Pastor, at first it was hard, he will hold you accountable if you miss church and I felt convicted because I thought the sermon was aimed at me and I stayed away for a while but I felt more convicted by staying home, But I had my husband and my sister n laws to help me understand that discipline is good for me. But I go regularly now and love it!
The 'Church'/ "Body of Christ" needs as many upstanding couples-young couples to lead by example as possible. Keep the faith and I pray you and your husband will become useful tools for Christ. God Bless you Sister.