Hi everyone

Hi everyone

Hello my name is Sarah and I'm only 15 but I hope I'll be accepted into this wonderful online community and be ale to learn more about myself, others, and Jesus from CFS. There's not much to say about me, I have a Mom and Dad who are happily married, two younger brothers, a hyper dog, a timid cat, and a gluttonous fish. :)

I am an active member at my church, involved with nursery duty, and youth group. This July I'm actually going to the National Youth Gathering in Florida and I'm soooo excited.
Here's my full testimony since it did not fit into my profile.

Well, I have been a Christian for a very long time. I was baptized as a baby and have gone to Christian schools all my life. I love Jesus and am grateful for all he has done in my life. Last year I was diagnosed with scoliosis and had to wear a corrective body brace. I was devasted and turned inward for some time. Then I prayed to God and put my trust in Him. Now by the end of the summer I won't have to wear the brace anymore. I'm just so thankful that Jesus has healed me spiritually and physically and I can put my faith in Him for all my life and serve Him in heaven one day.

That's about it for now. I'll talk to ya'll later.

Nice to meet you Sarah,
by the way that is a great name. My wife is pregnant with girls and we are going to name one Sarah. Did you know that means Princess?!

anyways, sounds like you have an awesome testimony. I hope you enjoy the forum.:)
Sarah I am so pleased you have joined our family- it is alays a pleasure to find a young person who loves Jesus! Many blessings - brother Larry
Aw that's beautiful! Thank you! I never liked the concept of 'Sarah' meaning princess but when you put it like that...God's Princess. I'm begininng to like it. :D