Hi everyone!

Hi! I am Jfish, twentysomething christian just beginning to find out about God and forming a relationship with him.
For years now I have found bible to comfort me whenever I feel lost and sad, but I did not take my spirituality any further. Actually I dipped into many other sorts of spiritual practices as well from Buddhism to meditation and old american Indian ceremonies.
However, bible just makes sense to me. Especially now that I am dipping deeper into New testament (not that I am well read on it either) the message just sounds right for me.
So for now, I am in the process of learning more about Christ and finding a way to live under his will, as I feel it is the way that will bring my life most purpose.

Aside from that I am a university student, part time worker and I enjoy doing backstage jobs at theater and having long netflix marathons. I also dream about running a half marathon... which will happen, one day! :)

I am happy I found this place so I can learn from you all.

Welcome to CFS.

Are you in contact with anyone with whom you can discuss what you are learning about from your Bible reading?