Hi everyone

Hi everyone

Nice to meet you all here. This is my first time to join in such foreign forum and meet so many different people with the same belief. Thanks God. I can share the questions in belief with all of you and also learn the difference we deal with problem. Also I hope I can improve my English. I am a Chinese girl, If you have the chance to China, welcome to contact me, HEHE.:) I am in ZHEJIANG. Thank you!


Janesasa it is indeed my pleasure to welcome you to the CFS family. I look forward to learning your perspective on Christianity and life. Many blessings in Jesus wonderful Name, your brother Larry
Welcome to the family. From what I've heard, China isn't an easy place to be a Christian. I like that we have members from many different nations. It helps prepare us for fellowship in Heaven when all the faithful from around the world will be gathered together.

[FONT=&#718]Dear brother Larry , Rumely , violet and other brethren sister, thank you for your warm welcome.[/FONT]
[FONT=&#718]Yes, the belief situation is different among different places. But after reading articles here, I am glad to find we face the same doubt or question, for example, why God listen to others but not fulfill our desire or if Christian should join only with Christian into marriage. In China, the problem is obvious. Many young Christian girls cannot find the ideal spouse as the sex proportion lost balance at church. Certainly, we should pray and let God do everything. We believe he would never let us down. Although the population of believer is enlarging, the front road of passing gospel is still long. The fact is even Christians like me do not like to reveal our belief on public. So shame. I know the time is pressing and the society is becoming dark. I often heard my colleagues or friends complain they don[/FONT][FONT=&#23435]’[/FONT][FONT=&#718]t understand the meaning of living and feel empty in heart, but I am still a baby in spiritual life and don[/FONT][FONT=&#23435]’[/FONT][FONT=&#718]t know how to. Please pray for me and my country people. I will also do my best to strengthen my belief. Well, so nice to come here. Thanks all![/FONT]
[FONT=&#718]My MSN: [email protected][/FONT]
[FONT=&#718]Hope to make friends with all of you and share our time.[/FONT]


It must be very hard for you to practice your Christianity in China~

My prayers are with you and your country!

I would like to welcome you to CFS I hope you find this site as blessed as I have. The people are wonderful if you need anything that myself or any other staff member can help with just pm me or them.


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Hello, Janessa!
I am very sorry for being late to welcome you here :(
But I really want to say you a big Hello from Russia and a warm welcome to this nice forum!